Well Nourished Mums

Being a mum can be tough. We give so much of our time and energy to our family that, no matter what age your children are, there never seems to be time for you. I am here to help you nourish yourself and achieve your health goals in a way that fits in with your busy life. Whether you are looking to increase your energy levels, support a specific health concern or just want to eat a bit better, I can help. My bespoke plans are not about dieting, cutting out food groups or restriction, instead they focus on eating lots of delicious food that will nourish and care for your body, working at a therapeutic level to support any health complaints that you have. They are tailored to fit in with your budget, cooking skills and time restraints, ensuring that they are affordable, achievable, and enjoyable!

I offer two packages, a 6 week overview offering some achievable but fundamental changes that will support you to live a more energised, healthy life. Or, if you want to work a little deeper, support  a certain health condition, or you feel that you are committed to make bigger changes, then the 3 month package is the one for you.

6 weeks – £275

Well Nourished Mums, 6 Week Package

This package is aimed at mums want to learn the fundamentals of healthy eating.

You will receive individualised support, tailored to your specific circumstances and lifestyle. Topics covered include:

  • A focus on foods to boost energy and mood.
  • Introduction to the gut microbiome and how this impacts your overall health.
  • Help to establish better eating habits, understanding what constitutes “healthy” food and how to easily understand food labelling to navigate the supermarket shelves.
  • A 1.5hour initial consultation and a 30 minute follow up consultation (face to face or zoom).
  • A personal nutrition and supplement plan based on your individual needs.
  • Easy to follow recipes that compliment your personalised nutrition plan.

3 Months – £495

Well Nourished Mums, 3 Month Package

This package is ideal for mums who have a particular health concern or a specific health goal. Working at a much deeper level, there is a drive for real, long-lasting change to the way you eat. The plan is implemented in stages over the three month period ensure it is both achievable and sustainable.

  • A deep dive into your medical history, from birth right through to today
  • A full body system review to look for patterns in symptoms and root cause analysis
  • Recommendations for further laboratory testing (not included in price)
  • A review of your environment, covering beauty products, sanitary wear, cookware, food packaging and other household toxins that can all have a negative impact on your overall health but particularly affect hormone health.
  • A 1.5hour initial consultation and 2×30 minute follow up consultations.
  • A personal nutrition and supplement plan to target your individual health goals. This is refreshed following each follow up appointment as we advance deeper into the plan.
  • 3 months of support via e-mail
  • Easy to follow recipes that compliment your personalised nutrition plan.

3 Months – £495

Well Nourished Mums, 3 Month Package

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