My Story

Hello! I’m Nicola, registered nutritional therapist, mum of 3 young children, food lover and recovering sugar addict.

I have always loved food and sugar (well chocolate really) was my first true love.  I used to work in finance, managing a big team in a demanding role. As my career progressed and my stress levels increased, I found that I was relying on chocolate and wine to pick me up at the end of each day. My energy was low, I had a few niggling health issues, I was very tearful and my response to stress was really affecting my ability to stay calm and focused at work.

In 2014 I said yes to a temporary promotion into a role that I perhaps wasn’t ready for. The days were long and hard and the pressure and stress built. Things came to a head when I fainted at work whilst delivering a budget speech to a group of 150 people. Embarrassing? Very. But I knew that this was my body telling me that I couldn’t carry on like this. Something had to change, so, after attending a nutrition workshop, I decided to radically overhaul my diet. I went “clean” and focused my diet on unprocessed wholefoods – cutting out my beloved refined sugar. Within weeks I felt energised, my skin cleared up, I lost weight and was coping with my emotions and stress in a much more balanced way. I was amazed when the health niggles I’d had for years disappeared. I started reading more about the link between health and food and I was totally amazed by what I discovered. So much so that in 2015 I enrolled in a 3-year nutrition course with the College of Naturopathic Medicine to train as a Nutritional Therapist.

Since starting my studies, I got married, relocated, left my job in finance, and had three children (phew!). During this time, I have tried to stay focused on my own heath but soon realised that this gets so much more difficult when you have lots of little people to care for. I no longer have time to make my own kombucha, sprout seeds or make a daily fresh green juice. I’m too busy wiping bums, doing mountains of washing and trying to keep the house in some semblance of order. And this is on top of school runs, family cooking and having a job! Add a good dose of sleep deprivation in the mix and it makes it difficult to make healthy choices. My sugar habit came back with a vengeance as it was way of dealing with lack of sleep. But I am trying to manage this the best I can. It’s not possible for me to eat the way I used to – that wasn’t sustainable and doesn’t fit in with family life.  I have had to be smart about my diet and learn to implement daily habits that fit into my lifestyle. Putting myself first is a challenge I still battle with, but I know I am the best mum I can be when I am feeling energised, nourished, and fulfilled. I want you to feel the same way.

Motherhood is Hard

Prioritizing any time for yourself can feel impossible. But, I want to have the energy to enjoy my children and feel present in the day to day life of motherhood. I want to age with good health, to see my children grow into adults and, if I’m lucky, meet my grandchildren. I don’t want a life marred by constant fatigue, chronic disease or cut short too early as is now the terrifying case that we are seeing so far too often. And I want the same for you.

So here I am, using all of my academic knowledge and life experience as a mum to help you discover how food can dramatically change the way you feel and provide the basis for a happy and healthy life.

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